Comparison of Light Gauge Steel and Timber Frames

In terms of structure, the LGS construction is similar to the timber frame construction – thin C-profiles made of galvanized sheet steel are used instead of wooden frame elements. These steel profile elements are automatically manufactured in the required shape at room temperature by rolling and punching.

The LGS frame offers the user significant advantages in terms of fire protection, weight and durability.

In LGS construction today, profile thicknesses of around 0.5 to 4.0 mm and profile widths of 63 to 400 mm are used. Profile thicknesses of 1.0 to 2.5 mm and profile widths of 90 to 150 mm are common for the construction of single and multi-storey residential buildings.

The connections of the completely prefabricated and individually labeled LGS profile elements are simply made with self-tapping screws. The assembly therefore simply requires a cordless screwdriver and does not require any special professional training.

For the electrical and sanitary installation, the steel profiles are given the appropriate bushings during production. The gaps between the profile elements are filled with insulating materials, as it is the case with timber frame construction.

LGS constructions have many of the advantages over wooden frame constructions:

Since the LGS frames are lighter with the same strength, assembly can be carried out more quickly and with less expensive lifting tools. The higher strength of the steel profiles enables larger spans as well as larger distances of 600 mm between the elements compared to the wooden frame construction of 400 or 500 mm, which increases the freedom for the architect and shortens the assembly time.

In addition, it is much easier in LGS construction to change or modify the construction during its service life.

Other advantages are that steel structures do not rot, shrink, warp or decompose like wooden structures and they can be used in areas where termite infestation is likely.

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