Framer Software

Arkitech’s result-oriented and functional Framer Software


Framer Software

Arkitech Framer Software operates the Arkitech LGS Manufacturing Systems with a highest functionality, provides various possibilities to the user during the production of profiles and is fully integrated in the Arkitech Design Software and the Arkitech Framers.

It has the capability of automatic production of ready manufacturing files and manual creation of profiles and assignment of processes directly through itself when necessary.

It generates Reports in precise Date and Time of Manufacturing, Operation Counts and Framer Running Records to have all the Logs for Management and Production Schedule.

With its Remote Access option, it can be always connected and controlled online.

Beside Manufacturing option of. ark manufacturing file, it can run also Production files exported from Vertex BD, StrucSoft MWF and Tekla directly without any intermediate converter softwares.