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Arkitech Light Steel Framing System

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Since 2012 Arkitech has invested in high-quality machinery and high-end equipment and setting up a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians to offer a complete Light Gauge Steel (LGS) manufacturing solution. This solid foundation enables Arkitech to complete the cycle of design and build in-house without outsourcing essential components and presenting reliable, precise and high-quality framer solutions to the LGS construction companies and manufacturers wordwide. The goal is the smarter, easier, faster, more innovative and durable designing and constructing of LGS buildings with Arkitech LGS Technology.

Arkitech Software

Result oriented and functional solutions with Arkitech Design and Detailing Software for Light Gauge Steel Buildings

15 Years of Experience

Based on the over 15 years of experience of Arkitech employees in LGS Technology we have developed a very sophisticated solution to ensure fully accurate and reliable manufacturing processes. The Arkitech LGS System guarantees cost benefits over conventional construction methods due to high design capability, comprehensive reporting for material assessment and minimal material wastage.

Arkitech LGS Applications

Design and Produce Single and Multi-Storey Residential Buildings with Arkitech Design Software

Residential Buildings

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