Cold Formed Steel Panels for Energy Efficient Buildings

Cold Formed Steel Panels for Energy Efficient Buildings

Today, sustainability and energy efficiency are among the top priority issues in the construction industry. With increasing environmental concerns and rising energy costs, the construction industry has sought more efficient and environmentally friendly building solutions.

The world is looking for sustainable solutions to the increasing energy needs with increasing population and improving living standards. One of the most important elements of this search is increasing the energy efficiency of buildings. Buildings account for more than 40% of global energy consumption and therefore have significant potential to save energy. At this point, cold-formed steel panels, an important material used for the construction of energy-efficient buildings, attract attention.

Cold-formed steel panels have an important place among the solutions offered by Arkitech. These panels have a wide range of applications, from exterior cladding to interior walls of buildings. However, perhaps their most important feature is that they contribute to energy efficiency.

What are Cold Formed Steel Panels?

Cold-formed steel panels are structural elements produced by cold processing thin steel sheets in rolls. These panels are widely used in the construction industry thanks to their lightness, durability and workability.

Advantages of Cold Formed Steel Panels

Energy efficient buildings aim to reduce environmental impact by minimizing energy consumption. Cold-formed steel panels play an important role in achieving this goal. Here are the reasons:

  • Insulation Properties: Cold-formed steel panels protect the internal temperature of the building by being coated with high-quality insulation materials. This reduces energy costs by reducing heat loss.


  • Durability and Longevity: Steel is known for its durability and provides a stable structure without deformation for many years. This reduces building maintenance costs and increases energy efficiency.


  • Lightness and Easy Assembly: Cold-formed steel panels can be easily transported and installed because they are lightweight. This shortens construction time and reduces labor costs.


  • Flexible Design Options: Steel panels, which can be produced in different sizes and shapes, offer architects and engineers wide design freedom. This allows the development of customized building solutions focused on energy efficiency.


Arkitech, specializes in the design and production of cold-formed steel panels for energy efficient buildings. There are also special software and engineering solutions they have developed to optimize the use of these panels.


Ways to Improve Energy Efficiency of Cold-Formed Steel Panels

Ways to increase the energy efficiency of cold-formed steel panels include:

  • Thermal Insulation: Cold-formed steel panels can significantly reduce the heat transfer of buildings by using them together with thermal insulation materials. In this way, the energy consumption of heating and cooling systems used in buildings is reduced.


  • Air Tightness: Cold-formed steel panels can be used with special connection details that provide air tightness, thus increasing the air tightness of buildings. In this way, indoor air comfort and energy savings are achieved in buildings.


  • Solar Energy: Cold-formed steel panels create an ideal base for the installation of solar panels. Solar panels save energy by providing some of the electrical energy used in buildings from solar energy.


  • Rainwater Harvesting: Cold-formed steel panels create an ideal base for rainwater harvesting systems. Rainwater harvesting systems save water by providing some of the water used in buildings from rainwater.


The Key to Sustainable Buildings

As a result, cold-formed steel panels for the construction of energy-efficient buildings play an important role both environmentally and economically. The solutions offered by Arkitech are an ideal option for anyone who wants to build sustainable structures. Cold-formed steel panels will maintain their position as a basic material in the construction industry of the future and will continue to contribute to the standards of energy efficient buildings.

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