Design Software

Arkitech’s result-oriented and functional Design Software for Light Steel Building Design and Detailing


Design Software

Arkitech has developed the most comprehensive, functional and result-oriented design software for LGS building design and detailing. All individual LGS frames of the entire structure can be created, detailed and designed in Arkitech Software according to the created or imported footprint plan. Individual frames can easily be created based on the wide library selection with stud and nog spacing according to the selected cladding materials.

Users can analyze the created Frames and check the profile capacities according to the AISI and Eurocode. The result can be exported/printed in the regular report format. Also, the analyzed Frames can be exported as .s2k file to import in SAP2000 Software. Other Structural elements, like; Concrete Columns Beams and Hot Steel Frames can be imported to Arkitech Software and LGS Frames detailing can be done precisely. Created and Detailed Frames and Structure Face, Plan and Section Drawings can be printed/exported. Arkitech Design Software export manufacturing files to Arkitech Framers.


• Assisting Tools Geometric 2D and 3D assisting Tools and commands to Create Line Drawing for the LGS Building
• Import Ability of importing .dxf files exported from Drawing CAD Softwares to have the footprint or 3D lines for reference of creating Frames. Also, ability of importing of Hot/Structural Steel or Concrete Structure Drawing Lines/Faces to make modelling and detailing of the LGS Structure accordingly
• Library l Settings Profile, Frame, Steel Material and Project Libraries/Settings that comes as default and user can create custom Libraries for fast and precise detailing
• Light Steel Creating 2D and 3D Profiles and Frames with the reference of created Line Drawings or imported .dxf or .ifc files by using default or customer Library/Settings and detailing the LGS Building with the Light Steel Utilities
• Audit Checking the LGS Profiles and Frames for any user/drawing error before going into real-time manufacturing for; minimum and maximum lengths, profile clash, profile connection and frame clash. With this powerful Module, user eliminates any mistake may take place at production or site
• Analysis Analyzing and Designing Profiles according to the defined load cases and combinations parameters by using AISI and Eurocode resulting; Deflection, Shear and Moment Diagrams, Support Reactions and Profile Capacities. Generating Design Report and Exporting S2K files for use of SAP2000 Software with all defined parameters
• Drawing Generating the Designed and Detailed LGS Frame Drawings with Letter as; Face Drawing, Plan Drawing, Section Drawing and 3D Drawing in both Metric and Imperial units. flexibility for Modification of Drawings
• Bill of Material Creating comprehensive Steel and Fixing Report for the quantities consumed in the LGS Building as PDF and Excel files
• Mobile Viewer Exporting the created LGS Building with all physical dimensions and layers by exporting Arkitech Viewer Files to Mobile Devices
• Export Creating Manufacturing Files for the Arkitech Framers for Precise Production of LGS Profiles and Frames.