Arkitech MF1600P Framer

The MF1600P is equipped with 11 hydraulic station bays and 9 tool stations are already installed as standard. The MF1600P is a fully featured as well as cost-effective machine with all needed tool stations to make this a very versatile manufacturing system for five selected profiles. More profiles can be added on request. The MF1600P is a heavy-duty framing machine of robust construction, proven reliability, efficiency and performance. It contains an automatic configuration of the required profile web size with a software-controlled servo drive.

Manufacturing Solution Up To 1.6mm (16ga)

Suitable for a factory-based operation with high precision incl. 5 selected profile tool sets for fast and reliable cold rolled Steel Frame Manufacturing

Standard Tooling Stations

Profile Range

63mm | 75mm | 90mm | 100mm | 140mm | 150mm | 200mm 2½” | 3” | 3½” | 4” | 5½” | 6” | 8”

MF1600P Framer manufactures profile web sizes from 63 (2½”) to 200mm (8”) with automatic configuration

Profile Thickness Range

The MF1600P Framer manufactures the profile in a thickness from 0.75 (22ga) to 1.6mm (16ga)

Typical Applications

▪ Residential & affordable housing projects
▪ Multi-storey buildings
▪ Prefabricated offices
▪ Bathroom pods
▪ Modular constructions
▪ Industrial storage units