About Us

About Arkitech

Arkitech Advanced Construction Technologies is the technology leading Light Gauge Steel (LGS) technology provider for construction and manufacturer companies intending to construct and manufacture with LGS structure. Arkitech Technology Package contains engineering solutions including framers, design software, framer software, commissioning, and training on-site.

Arkitech focuses particularly on result-oriented innovative solutions paying most attention on high quality, low costs, and minimum time expenditure of this technology. To achieve these objectives, since establishment in the year 2012 in Ankara, Arkitech with their experienced and highly qualified in-house engineers has always been developing own products responding the demanding requirements of LGS market for high quality and for high performance level.

Based on the over 15 years of experience of Arkitech employees in LGS Technology we have developed a very sophisticated solution to ensure fully accurate and reliable manufacturing processes. The Arkitech LGS System guarantees cost benefits over conventional construction methods due to high design capability, comprehensive reporting for material assessment and minimal material wastage.

The quick high-volume manufacturing of LGS frames accelerates the building construction timescale resulting in greater profitability. Arkitech’s technology is used worldwide for manufacturing a wide range of applications for residential, commercial, modular and multi-story buildings, as well as for bathroom pods, site units, worker accommodation units, prefabricated modules, temporary units, warehouses, etc.

For this applications Arkitech provides the most comprehensive, reliable and precise framers including the required software.

What We Do

Designing of Arkitech Framers
Manufacturing of Arkitech Framer components
Assembling of Arkitech Framers
Programming and Developing of Arkitech Manufacturing Software
Programming and Developing of Arkitech Design Software
Commissioning and Training of Arkitech Framers
Training of Arkitech Software
Providing Technical Support for Arkitech Framers
Providing Technical Support for Arkitech Software
Providing Technical Service and Parts for Arkitech Framers