Sustainable Contributions of Cold Formed Extruded Profiles

Sustainable Contributions of Cold Formed Extruded Profiles

Arkitech, one of the leading names in the light steel industry, leads the industry with its innovative solutions and excellent design approach. By focusing especially on the sustainable contributions of cold-formed extruded profiles, Arkitech makes a difference in the industry with its light steel machines, design software, production software and engineering solutions.

Arkitech has gained a solid place in the industry with its excellent design, production and engineering solutions. Arkitech strengthens its leading position in light steel machinery, design software, production software and engineering solutions, especially by emphasizing the sustainable contributions of cold-formed extruded profiles.

What is Cold Formed Extruded Profile?

Cold forming is the process of shaping metal or alloy and is usually performed at room temperature or slightly elevated temperatures. Roll-formed profiles are generally made by passing flat steel through a mold to have a certain cross-section and format. In this process, the material is usually shaped without heating.

  • Sustainability and Environmental Impacts: Cold-formed extruded profiles have advantages in terms of sustainability. This profile production can be more energy efficient because it consumes less energy than high-temperature processes because the material is formed at low temperatures. Additionally, these profiles are environmentally friendly as they are generally produced from recyclable materials.
  • Use in Light Steel Construction Systems: Cold-formed extruded profiles constitute the main components of light steel construction systems. Prefabricated building elements, steel roofs, wall panels and many similar structural elements are produced by taking advantage of these profiles. This can speed up construction processes and increase the durability of structures.
  • Energy Efficiency and Cost Advantages: The production of cold-formed extruded profiles can also offer cost advantages as it provides energy efficiency. Low processing temperatures reduce energy consumption and allow less loss in the material forming process. This can reduce the overall cost of construction projects.
  • Various Industrial Applications: These profiles are used in many industrial sectors as well as the construction sector. They have a wide range of applications, from the automotive industry to the energy sector. Flexible design features adapt to a variety of industrial needs.
  • Durability and Longevity: Cold-formed extruded profiles are ideal for creating long-lasting structures due to their high durability. This reduces waste and lowers maintenance costs of structures, thus offering an economically and environmentally sustainable choice.

Arkitech’s Solutions for Cold Formed Extruded Profiles

Arkitech offers a variety of solutions that enable the sustainable and effective use of cold-formed extruded profiles. Design software, manufacturing software and engineering solutions enable customers to create customizable and optimized steel profile designs.

Building a Sustainable Future

Cold-formed extruded profiles play an important role in the construction industry by increasing the demand for environmentally friendly and energy efficient structures.

These profiles stand out not only with their durability and strength, but also with a number of advantages such as energy saving, recyclability and flexibility of light steel construction systems. Arkitech’s solutions support the sustainable and effective use of these profiles, providing its customers with a strong foundation for environmentally friendly construction projects.

It seems that the light steel sector will find more space in the construction projects of the future. It seems that Arkitech will continue to lead and shape this change with its customer-oriented approach and technology-integrated solutions. Cold-formed extruded profiles will continue to be the cornerstones of sustainable and innovative construction projects, and Arkitech will continue to be the pioneer of this evolution. The construction industry of the future will find a greener and more efficient direction with Arkitech’s steel solutions, combining with environmental and economic sustainability.

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