Safe and Comfortable Structures with Cold-Formed Steel Profiles

Safe and Comfortable Structures with Cold-Formed Steel Profiles

Today, safety and comfort in the construction industry are among the primary goals of architects and engineers. In order to improve people’s quality of life and enable them to do their jobs more efficiently, it is extremely important that the structures are solid, safe and comfortable. At this point, structures designed with cold-formed steel profiles offer solutions to modern construction projects by offering both aesthetic and practical advantages.

Arkitech, which is actively involved in the light steel sector, offers the most advanced technologies and engineering solutions to build safe and comfortable structures using cold-formed steel profiles.

Cold Formed Steel Profiles for Safe Structures

Cold-formed steel profiles are known for their high strength and durability. Thanks to these features, they provide excellent resistance to earthquakes, fires and other natural disasters. As Arkitech, with the experience of our engineering experts, we offer specially designed steel profiles for use in various construction projects. These profiles are designed to ensure safety at every stage, from the foundation to the roof of the buildings.

Why Are Cold Formed Steel Profiles Safe?

  • High Durability: The cold forming process optimizes the mechanical properties of steel profiles, providing high strength and durability. In this way, it is possible to build more resistant structures against earthquakes and other natural disasters.


  • Lightness: Cold-formed steel profiles are lighter than traditional steel profiles. This reduces the total weight of the structures, reduces the earthquake load and increases building safety.


  • Fire Resistance: The profiles that make up the carrier system can be effectively protected against fire, thus creating a fire safety layer without needing a second thermal insulation, as in other building types. This insulation layer helps protect life and property by resisting high temperatures in case of fire.


  • Durable Coating Options: Cold-formed steel profiles can be protected against corrosion by galvanizing, painting or other coating methods. In this way, it is possible to build long-lasting and safe structures.


Flexible Design Options for Comfortable Buildings

Cold-formed steel profiles offer flexible design options. These profiles, which support lightweight structures, allow the design of various building types without limiting the creativity of architects and engineers. Arkitech’s engineering solutions provide our customers with extensive flexibility in creating customized structures. In this way, it helps them achieve comfortable and aesthetic structures by offering the most suitable solutions for all kinds of projects.

Why Are Cold Formed Steel Profiles Comfortable?

  • Energy Efficiency: Cold-formed steel profiles save energy thanks to steel, which is a good thermal insulation material. This provides a comfortable living environment by reducing heating and cooling costs in buildings.


  • Sound Insulation: Cold-formed steel profiles have the ability to absorb sound waves. In this way, it creates a calmer and more peaceful environment by reducing sound pollution in buildings.


  • Quick and Easy Assembly: The assembly of cold-formed steel profiles is easy and fast. This saves time and costs by shortening construction periods.


  • Aesthetic Appearance: Cold-formed steel profiles can be produced in different shapes and sizes. In this way, it allows for aesthetically modern and eye-catching structures.


Build Safe and Comfortable Buildings with Arkitech

As Arkitech, we are here to help you create safe and comfortable structures with cold-formed steel profiles. It is our priority to offer solutions that suit our customers’ needs and to provide support at every stage of their projects. We invite everyone who wants to build safe, flexible and economical structures to meet under the roof of Arkitech.

If you want to create safe and comfortable structures by using cold-formed steel profiles in your projects, do not hesitate to contact us. As Arkitech, we are here to offer you the most suitable solutions.

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