Easy Assembly

The LGS Framer gives the profile elements their shape, length, all the necessary screw and service holes including countersinks as well as an individual labelling. Therefore, the profile elements can be assembled directly and easily with a cordless screwdriver to wall frames, beams, trusses, roof trusses and ceilings. Pre-assembly can take place regardless of the weather in production or the entire assembly can be proceeded directly at the construction site. Due to the lower weight of the LGS building structure 25% of the concrete foundation can be saved in average compared to

Depending on the complexity and experience of the workers, 2 to 2.5 square meter of usable area per hour per worker can be calculated for the complete assembly of the entire LGS building structure.

The outer cladding including the roof, the thermal insulation, the supply lines and the inner cladding can be installed directly afterwards without delay based on any drying times.

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