Various Usage Areas of Cold Formed Steel Profiles in the Construction Industry

Various Usage Areas of Cold Formed Steel Profiles in the Construction Industry

The construction industry is a sector that is constantly evolving and transforming to build modern structures. The materials used to meet the dynamic needs of this sector are also constantly evolving. Cold-formed steel profiles have become an extremely important material for various applications in the construction industry. Here are some of the various usage areas of cold-formed steel profiles in the construction industry:

Fast Construction: Lightweight and preformed steel profiles can speed up the construction process. This allows projects to be completed in less time and helps save costs.

Wall Frames: Cold-formed steel profiles provide durability to the structure when used in the construction of interior and exterior wall frames. These profiles help create the load-bearing structures of the walls. It is also possible to create wall structures suitable for different design needs using these steel profiles. Wall framing supports the overall integrity of the building and offers design flexibility.

Door and Window Frames: Cold-formed steel is used as a strong and durable option in the construction of door and window frames. These steel profiles increase durability and safety in the construction of door and window frames. Additionally, they are long-lasting, so maintenance requirements are minimal. This offers an economical solution for building owners and builders.

Stairs and Railings: Cold-formed steel profiles are ideal for obtaining a durable and safe structure when used in the construction of stairs and railings. These profiles are used in the construction of load-bearing structures of stairs and safety parapets of railings. In this way, safe passages inside and outside buildings are ensured. Steel profiles used in railings and stairs keep people safe.

Prefabricated Structures: Cold-formed steel profiles are frequently used in the production of prefabricated structures. Prefabricated buildings enable rapid construction by combining pre-manufactured building elements. Such structures shorten construction time and reduce costs. Cold-formed steel profiles increase the durability of prefabricated structures and ensure the longevity of the structures.

Cold-formed steel profiles play an important role in providing aesthetics, durability and cost effectiveness in the construction industry. The use of these profiles helps complete construction projects faster and more efficiently, while also providing an environmentally friendly option. Arkitech pioneers innovations in this sector, providing excellent software and engineering solutions for the design and production of cold-formed steel profiles. In this way, professionals in the construction industry can complete their projects more successfully.

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