Quality and Performance Increase in Cold Formed Steel Profiles

Quality and Performance Increase in Cold Formed Steel Profiles

Cold-formed steel profiles offer light, durable and economical solutions in the construction industry. While these profiles increase the durability of structures thanks to their high strength and flexibility features, they also provide great advantages in the design and application processes.


What is Cold Formed Steel?

Cold-formed steel is steel profiles obtained by bending and shaping processes at room temperature. This method allows the steel sheet to be shaped into the desired form by passing it between presses and rollers. In this way, thinner and lighter profiles are obtained while high strength properties are maintained.


The Importance of Quality and Performance Increase

Improving the quality and performance of cold-formed steel profiles is critical for the safety and durability of structures. The increase in quality and performance makes the profiles longer-lasting, durable and environmentally friendly. It also contributes to accelerating construction processes and reducing costs.

Light Steel Machines

Light steel machines used to increase quality and performance offer high precision and efficiency. These machines are equipped with automatic control systems and enable profiles to be produced within the desired tolerances. In this way, error-free and high quality products are obtained.

Design Software

Design software enables the use of cold-formed steel profiles with optimum performance. These software allow engineers and architects to analyze the features and usage areas of the profiles in detail during the design phase of the projects. Thus, structures are ensured to be safer and more durable.

Production Software

Production software ensures quality control at every stage of the production process. These software make it possible to monitor and optimize all parameters on the production line. It also contributes to reducing costs by increasing production efficiency. Quality control processes make it easier to detect and correct defective products.

Engineering Solutions

Engineering solutions maximize the performance of cold-formed steel profiles. These solutions offer significant advantages such as increasing the load-carrying capacity of the profiles and increasing their resistance to natural disasters such as earthquakes and wind. It also makes significant contributions to energy efficiency and sustainability.


Advantages of Quality and Performance Increase

Increased quality and performance in cold-formed steel profiles offer many advantages. Among these advantages:

  • Durability: High quality profiles create long-lasting and durable structures.
  • Economy: Efficient production processes and low maintenance costs provide economic advantages.
  • Flexibility: Thanks to their light and flexible structure, they can be easily used in different projects.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Steel profiles produced from recyclable materials offer an environmentally friendly construction method.


Factors Affecting Quality

There are many factors that affect the quality of cold-formed steel profiles. These include raw material selection, forming process, equipment used and quality control processes.

  • Raw Material Selection: The use of high quality steel increases the durability and life of the profile.
  • Forming Process: Correct forming techniques improve the dimensional tolerances and surface quality of the profile.
  • Equipment: Modern and precise equipment enables the production of more consistent and higher quality profiles.
  • Quality Control: Continuous quality control detects and corrects errors in the production process.


Arkitech Solutions for Quality and Durable Structures

Arkitech’s solutions help you increase the performance of your cold-formed steel profiles.

  • Higher Strength: Our high quality profiles provide more durability to your structures.
  • Better Dimensional Tolerances: Our precision profiles simplify assembly processes and increase the stability of your structure.
  • Smoother Surface: Our smooth surface profiles offer a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.
  • Longer Life: Our durable profiles extend the life of your structure.


Cold Formed Steel for High Performance Structures

The increase in quality and performance in cold-formed steel profiles provides significant advantages in the construction industry. Light steel machines, design and production software and engineering solutions are the main factors that provide this increase. In this way, safer, more durable and economical structures can be built. Arkitech continues to lead the industry with its innovative solutions in this field.

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