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MF3000P Framer

The LGS Industry’s most cost-effective solution for Multi Profile Manufacturing for C & U, Sigma

Manufacturing Solution up to 3.0mm (11ga) Thickness

Unlimited Profile tools set for Steel Frame Manufacturing



Sizes (A)

75mm to 350mm

3” to 14”

Flange (B)

45mm to 75mm

1¾" to 3"

Lip (C)



Thickness (T)

1.0mm to 3.0mm

20ga to 11ga

MF3000P Framer can manufacture profile web sizes 75mm (3”) to 350mm (14”) with automatic configuration

MF3000P Framer Rollformer and DC8000 De-Coiler

The MF3000P Technology Package includes the DC8000 Automatic Feed 8.0 Ton (17600lb) De-Coiler controlled by a Laser Sensor.

MF3000P Manufactures

Wall Frames l Joists l Trusses l Roof l Ceiling l Header

Typical Applications

  • Residential & Affordable Housing Projects
  • Multi-Storey Buildings
  • Prefabricated Offices
  • Bathroom POD Modular Constructions
  • Industrial Storage Units
  • Floor Joists of Buildings
  • Portal Frames for Warehouses and Factory Projects
  • Modular Constructions

The MF3000P Framer is fitted with (18) Hydraulic Station Bays as Standard in Total and (16) Stations are installed as Standard Processes of the Framer.


MF3000P Standard Hydraulic Stations - Tools

For more information view MF3000P Leaflet