Light Steel Gauge LGS Technology

The worldwide population is growing every day, the need for affordable living space is growing faster and faster, but the construction costs keep rising and there are fewer and fewer experienced craftsmen. A quick, simple, inexpensive and sustainable solution is needed. Arkitech’s Light Gauge Steel (LGS) construction technology is the appropriate and sustainable solution. Arkitech offers complete Light Steel Framing technology from design and manufacturing software over framing systems up to on-site commissioning and training.

Arkitech is the technology leader for Light Gauge Steel (LGS) – also known as Cold Formed Steel (CFS)Light Steel Framing (LSF)Steel Framing Systems (SFS), because arkitech understands the current challenges of the construction industry and offers the solution for the sustainable construction industry of the future worldwide through the continuous further development of a comprehensive and progressive LGS construction technology. The smooth integration of technical building design, individual detailing, time-saving production and simplified frame assembly underlines the flexible and design-oriented technology. The user benefits from the increase in construction speed and accuracy, the reduced labor costs and, ultimately, from the accelerated construction time.

LGS is an innovative and reliable construction technology that due to its high stiffness and low weight of only 20 to 30 kg of steel per square meter in average of usual area allows enormous design flexibility for example by an increased span and a variety of external architectural facade treatments. The entire supporting structure of the LGS building consists of individually manufactured steel profile elements, which are automatically formed and processed by CNC control in an Arkitech Framer.

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