LGS Framer for a Fully Automated Manufacturing Process

The created LGS production files enable the fully automatic production of the LGS profile elements by the LGS Framer. Depending on the complexity of the profile elements, 20 square meter of usable area per hour per LGS framer can be calculated for the assembly of the entire LGS structure.

The various options for producing the profiles range from the production of individual profiles to the fully automatic production of the LGS profile elements of the entire building structure.

The LGS Framers differ in the capability for single profile or multiple profile production, as well as in the design of the profile cross-sections and the profile widths (web size) and thicknesses.

Due to the high rigidity with low weight and easy assembly, the C-profile is used anywhere in the building structure. The Omega profile, on the other hand, is primarily used for roof structures.

The LGS Framer for multiple profile manufacturing produces the profile elements already in different profile widths and thus facilitates the alignment to the structural requirements directly during manufacturing.

The required profile widths and thicknesses result mainly from the static requirements of the building to be erected and are therefore decisive for the selection of the LGS Framer.

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