Design & Detailing Software

Based on the created or imported footprint plan all kind of LGS constructions can be designed and detailed easily with support of the LGS design software. Other structural elements like for example concrete columns or beams and hot steel elements can be imported easily. By preselection of the cladding material the frame structure can easily be created accordingly. The integrated library with stud and nog spacings saves further time

The required load capacities of any designed LGS structure can be analyzed according to the AISI and Eurocode

A final feasibility check for correction of any errors of profile connections and eventual frame collision eliminates any mistake before the production starts

The LGS structure can also be easily exported to any BIM Software for further processing of the building structure. Finally, the BOM and all frame plans as well as the manufacturing files can be created directly for further processing of manufacturing and assembly with the at Arkitech Design and Detailing Software.

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